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Within the last few years, the scope of learning has evolved significantly. Students are no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom. Technical advancements have enabled institutions all over the world to embrace online education.

Though remote education has been around for a while, the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the industry and led to online learning platforms and online classes for students.

To define the term, ‘online learning is a form of electronic learning which delivers education through the internet instead of the conventional classroom. Although the learning takes place through online activities, tests and exams are still conducted to test their knowledge.’

While there is a considerable amount of skepticism, especially by the generations that have never experienced anything like this, there is no denying how convenient online learning platforms have made education.

And according to Statista, the global online learning market will reach a market size of over USD 370 billion by 2026. So what is the reason? Why are online learning sites the future of education?

  1. Customized learning experience – Online learning platforms have small online class sizes or even one-on-one tutoring. This allows each individual student to get a learning program as per their requirement. It also lets the student interact closely with the tutor.
  2. It offers various different programs – There are so many different subjects to learn on the internet. Institutions that offer degrees and diplomas are now offering online versions of their courses. From Latin to sound production to dance theory, there is an option for every student.
  3. It’s accessible – Online learning platforms allow students to learn or teach from anywhere in the world. There is no fixed classroom, no commutes or set schedules. This not only allows students to save time, but money as well. Where there is a WIFI connection, there is your virtual classroom! It also helps people who want to get an education later on in life.
  4. Online learning is more cost-effective – As opposed to in-person learning, online learning is more cost-effective. There are varied payment options, discounts, and scholarships that allow students to stay on a budget. The money saved from commuting and class materials also help with this budget management.
  5. It is more flexible – The biggest reason why online learning platforms are the future of education is because they are more flexible than conventional learning. Students are able to set their own schedules and pace of learning. This is especially convenient for those students who have to manage work and education.

These are only a few of the reasons why online learning is on the rise in these times. However, it is important that every individual student assess their own requirements, needs, and goals. While online learning is not everyone’s preferred choice, it is still a very valid and endless option for students all over the world.

Vagish Jha & Swati Nirantare
Vagish Jha is the Academic Lead and Head of Teacher Training, Schoolnet
Swati Nirantare, Assistant Manager, Marketing & Communications, Schoolnet