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Summers are almost here. With the heat cracking down on our backs, our homes need to be revamped to become the perfect respite where we can relax and cool down. With the perfect appliances in our hands reach, this summer can be turned pleasant, and our time indoors can become the favorite part of the day. Take a look at some of the cutting-edge innovative home appliances for the upcoming summer season. Choose from amongst the premium products and some unique affordable home appliances to turn your homes into the ideal alcove.

Spectra i-Pro 36L Personal Cooler

The IoT enabled Personal air cooler comes with high air delivery of 1450 m³/hr and adjustable air flow control to make sure your comfort is not compromised. It is equipped with an additional ice chamber to give optimal cooling and comes with a 4-way air deflection and motorized Vertical Louvers. For ease of maintenance, it comes with honeycomb pad and has a water level indicator to alert user before it needs a refill. Additionally, it features a stylish soft-touch panel making it easy for consumers to operate while also adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Price: INR 15,990

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Haier’s revolutionary offering is sure to make your summers extraordinary with India’s first 3-door convertible side by side refrigerator (683 series). With a 21% convertible section on the top left, it will increase the refrigerator space to 83% making it truly customizable to complement the needs of a contemporary Indian home. In case you require more space, you will have the flexibility to increase the refrigerator’s capacity to 38% using the convertible section. With storage being a key aspect of our summers, with the need for chilled beverages and ice, this refrigerator is set to transform our summer needs.

Price: INR 1,40,000

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Air pollution and power consumption are two areas of concern for most conscious buyers. Haier’s new AC has a UVC sterilization feature which allows the consumers to breathe in clean and bacteria-free air. It comes with a distinctive convertible feature that provides maximum efficiency to users. They can reduce the AC’s tonnage capacity from 1.5 tons to a minimum of 0.6 tons when not needed. Keeping in mind consumers’ preference for minimum physical interaction this new AC has AI-enabled voice control which can be accessed via the ‘Haier Smart’ app. The BEE 4-star-rated air conditioner also comes with 12 years of warranty on the compressor.

Price: INR 66,500

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